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At Port Orleans Brewing Company, we create beers that are balanced, flavorful and drinkable. We aim to have you enjoy our beers in a three-pint session, because you’ll want another after rounds one and two. Brewed below sea level, Port Orleans is committed to New Orleans tradition as a proud member of the local brewing community.

In The Can

Inspired by Munich’s famous biers, crafted with a distinct American sensibility, our golden lager starts with a fruity, peachy nose. A flavor moderately sweet with a soft malty character, Riverfront Lager finishes clean and dry with a subtle bitter kiss.


Our lighter-bodied India Pale Ale is copper in color and covers aroma with hints of citrus drawn from lemons and grapefruit. Storyville blends a slight malt character with a dry and bright finish of hops that pleasantly lingers.

Dark brown with airs of garnet, our medium-bodied beer drinks lighter than it looks. Slack Water starts with a nose of chocolate, coffee, and caramel and follows with a sweet flavor, a hint of fruit, and finishes clean quickly.

If it isn’t already, the light and flavorful Royaltea Pale Ale will be your new official beer of Mardi Gras. Copper in color, Bergamot tea takes the place of aroma hops for a fruity, floral nose. As you sip this beer, you’ll get flavors of tea and citrus. It finishes with a mild malt and just a touch of tannin. Grab a 6-pack and enjoy while the parades roll by.

This unfiltered cloudy golden pilsner showcases the Ella hop from Australia. It has a fruity and tropical hop flavor that lays atop a slightly spicy ‘noble’ character, with a crisp and pleasantly bitter finish.

In 2006, Sean Payton took a chance on me in the 7th round. He stood with me when I was developing as a player, gave me opportunity when others wouldn’t have and never let me down. So, when Sean came to me during a walk-through last year and said he wanted his own beer, there was only one answer… of course.

When we sat down at Port Orleans Brewing Co. to make his beer I knew it had to be the kind of beer that Sean would want to drink. That meant an easy-drinking beer. One to enjoy with friends on the beach, or as I’m looking forward to, one to enjoy while watching the game. Sean gave me the biggest opportunity of my life; the least I can do is give him a cold one with his name on it.

Here’s to you Coach!

– Zach Strief


Port Orleans Brewing Company
4124 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 266-2332
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