Sea Level

The Brewery


At Port Orleans Brewing Company, we create beers that are balanced, flavorful and drinkable. We aim to have you enjoy our beers in a three-pint session, because you’ll want another after rounds one and two. Brewed below sea level, Port Orleans is committed to New Orleans tradition as a proud member of the local brewing community.

Debut Beers

Inspired by Munich’s famous biers, crafted with a distinct American sensibility, our golden lager starts with a fruity, peachy nose. A flavor moderately sweet with a soft malty character, Riverfront Lager finishes clean and dry with a subtle bitter kiss.


Our lighter-bodied India Pale Ale is copper in color and covers aroma with hints of citrus drawn from lemons and grapefruit. Storyville blends a slight malt character with a dry and bright finish of hops that pleasantly lingers.

Dark brown with airs of garnet, our medium-bodied beer drinks lighter than it looks. Slack Water starts with a nose of chocolate, coffee, and caramel and follows with a sweet flavor, a hint of fruit, and finishes clean quickly.


Port Orleans Brewing Company
4124 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 266-2332
Open 11am • Closed Tuesday
Kid Friendly Tasting Room
Dog Friendly Patio
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